An intelligent assistance system
for digital working environment

With real-time localisation and AI algorithms to full safety for people and machines

Challanges that everyone
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Movement in narrow aisles

In aisles that are narrow or also heavily frequented, there is a constant stop-and-go of AGVs.

With our system we create a 360 degree view and can see spontaneous movements.


Due to limited visibility of the sensors on the AGV, unexpected behaviour of the transport vehicle may occur in certain places. Our system can also help with this.

Optimisation of driving routes

Spontaneous and unpredictable events can cause the AGV's path to change, resulting in delays and inefficient processes.
With the holistic overview, the obstacles can be detected and the driving paths can be adjusted in real time.


An intelligent AI-sensor
for a broad overview.

Designed according to the fail-safe principle and taking all industry standards into account -
our 3D image processing sensor offers a versatile and reliable addition to the working environment.

Our current project - EIT Drive.

Due to limited information about the operating area of autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs), it is currently not possible to implement a safe and efficient human-machine co-working in production environments. Furthermore, the end-point transportation of materials and pre-products to the production line is severely limited due to current safety and operational technologies.

The use of AGVs in close proximity to persons poses a great challenge to safety and navigation technology. Onboard sensors are currently detectiog persons and objects in the pathway, but are only suitable to a limited extent. Obstacles are only detected in close proximity, resulting in frequent and unpredictable operating disruptinns of the AGVs. Mandatory safety zones around the AGV currently prevent operation in narrow aisles, as the safety zones are triggered by the confined environment. The ability to differentiate between persons and objects would allow an adaptation of the safety zones and thus enable the operation in narrow production environments.

  • The greatest advantage to be gained from this project is the increased safety for man and machine. At the same time, several advantages can arise from the route optimisation of the AGVs. On the one hand, all transport processes can be made more efficient. On the other hand, this increases competitiveness and improves the positive impact on the environment.

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