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optical real time localization system

collision prevention between people and foklifts

Collision prevention

If you use industrial trucks in your business and want to protect your employees and machines, our solution is the best choice for you.

dynamic agv navigation

AGV Navigation

Despite a high level of automation and the usage of AGVs, undesirable situations often occur. We can prevent these through a holistic perspective.

Creating zones at your shop floor

Work analytics

Optimisation potentials are hidden in many areas. Even in areas you didn't expect. We uncover them for you - all in compliance with data protection law.

How does it work

As easy as possible.
Everything in one place.

Through smart mounting and communication between the sensors, we create an intelligent network. Therefore, install the system just once and benefit from increased security and effectiveness of your working environment for years to come. optimize

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Watch our short video explaining everything you need to know. A typical scene in a warehouse or production. A forklift truck drives in a shallow aisle with its delivery to the drop-off point. And suddenly an employee comes around the corner who was not visible to the forklift driver before.

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