World's first system
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Through our own research, we have managed to create a system that can tackle different challenges at the same time.
AI sensor illustration
The AI Sensor


The eyes and the brain of the system. By placing the system in your working environment, you give your working environment additional senses.

The TPU Edge computer’s processing power is specially designed for image processing and AI, which improves accuracy. In addition, the sensor is protected against external influences by IP 65.

the server

The Server

The spinal cord of the system. Only one central contact point is required for the communication of the individual devices. Since it is very small, we can mount it at your desired location.
Here, the incoming coordinates are fused in a matter of milliseconds and the signals are sent to the correct forklift truck. Since the data only consists of individual coordinates, the latency is very low and the scalability is very high.

The illustration shows an example of Probility's server.
verhicle module illustration
the driver module


ProDrive warns the driver of obstacles using visual and acoustic signals without blocking his view or distracting him.
Our calibration also shows the driver from which direction the obstacle, e.x. a person, is coming and how far away it is.

Due to the almost non-existent latency and the very well trained recognition algorithm, full confidence can be placed in the system, so that the driver can only concentrate on the load or the vehicle.

Discover potentials and improve your processes.

Processes efficiency
Increased up to 30%
Full coverage and full protection 100%
With your machines 100%

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